Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Session with our Dear Friends, the Marvill's

Hey everyone! Wow ~ what a crazy few weeks it's been for us! We are officially Coloradians! Or Coloradans - either way, we are beyond thrilled to be here. The mountains are so calming! We went on a great hike in Estes park yesterday and had some pretty cool animal encounters. We'll post more on that soon :)

Before we moved, we went to Pittsburgh to visit some of our closest friends - Lori and Matt Marvill. They have two of the coolest kids we've ever met, Josh and Madilyn. We've known Josh since he was a tiny guy and just had the pleasure to meet Maddie for the first time. While we were there visiting for the weekend, we had a couple sessions in and around their new beautiful home! Josh has a history of not liking his picture being taken, but luckily he trusted us enough to capture some amazing moments :)

Lori and Matt - you have a gorgeous family! Miss you guys!

We are busy working on a shoot we did with Jamie and Amanda, our friends from Cleveland. We'll have images posted from them soon...
Till then!
Nicole & Aaron

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