Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Session with Delynn and Family

Hi everyone! We haven't posted for a little while, there's been so much going on for us...
We are in the process of moving to Denver, Colorado! We're so unbelievably excited and thrilled about the move. It's going to be an adventure! We've been a little backlogged on some of our most recent sessions but have found the time in our crazy schedules to finish a shoot we had with Delynn Cook, her husband Kevin, and son Kamden.

Delynn is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed several months ago and received an operation to remove the cancer. She is now on chemotherapy as a preventative measure which will help increase her chances of it never returning. As a result, her hair had started to fall and Delynn decided to take action and beat the chemo to the punch. She invited Aaron and I over to document her husband clipping her hair off. What an amazing experience ~

Delynn might be the strongest, most courageous and amazing woman I've met. She handled the entire evening with such grace, spirit, and energy. It was such a pleasure to watch her husband help and support her with so much love and respect. Thank you both for sharing that with us :)

We also received a special tour of their amazing home and outer property thanks to their young son, Kamden! He was so excited to show us his pond, backyard, and secret tree spot. We had such a wonderful time with you guys! Thanks again for everything, you're all incredible!


You're amazing...

We'll be posting soon on more recent sessions and news from Denver!

~ Nicole and Aaron

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zinniabuzz said...

What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience.