Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Beacon Series and a Walk in the Park

Hello! It's the end of the weekend here and that is always a sad, sad thing.  The first thing we wanted to share is a new series that we just finished of fine art coastal scenes. We're still in the process of setting up  a new etsy shop, but we'll have these available as prints soon. We absolutely love them and hope others do too :)

The City is my Beacon
You are my Beacon

Aaron and I have been taking advantage of the great weather, albeit hot weather, and recently went on a walk through a park, camera in hand. We met a cool little dog named Roxie, some really friendly squirrels, and a man playing the most beautiful music on his violin. And we shot flowers. All in all, an awesome day.

Aaron & Nicole

Have a great week and check back in soon!

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